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[24 Nov 2005|10:07pm]

so my computer shut down the first time i tried to update.

school kind of dragged on all week.

monday after school we had the first tryouts for bball. we ran a lottttt, a ton more than last year. these coaches are so serious it isn't even funny. my legs kind of hurt after practice, i came home showered and went to bed. school went by really slow tuesday too. it was raining when i walked over to the rec. but lucky me i had my waterproff shoes onnn. everyone made fun of me and were like 'those look like the shoes my grandpa wears' ya so whattt they're comfy. so then we had the second night of tryouts. we ran a lot again andd i was so sore. my legs hurt baddd, but i went to see HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE with krissss and it was a fun time. i LOVED it. it was so good, i suggest you go see it. i may go see it again, im such a dork. DRACOOO MALFOY oh baby oh baby, hes so hot.

wednesday i slept in till 9 because brady is STUPID and plays his music really loud in the computer room/second living room which is right under my room and he cranks the bass up. whatevsss so i came downstairs and watched lords of dogtown again. i freakin love that movie. the boys are so hotttt, but its sad at the end. i just hung out all day till around 3 then i headed over to the rec for the last tryout. we didnt run a lot at all just 4 suicides and drills. i wasnt sure if id make a team but i ended up making JV which im fine with. came home showered and watched HOLEEESSS on the disney channel, yet againn theres some hotties in that movie too.

today i woke up and saw that it was SNOWINGGG which was awesome. so i drank my cappucino and played the sims. then i got ready to go to my aunts house for thanksgiving. ate food then all the kids went down into the basement and had a hugeee pillow fight. i don't think i laughed that much in awhile. we left at around 9.

tomorrow i'm going with my dad and brady to look at surfboards at cinnamon rainbows, cause thats what we wants for xmas. then i think im hanging out with sam and possibly some other people. no plans for saturday, sunday i have basketball meetings/practice.

thats all !



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[20 Nov 2005|06:09pm]
i can't think of anything interesting that happened all week.
oh i know, i got my report card.
french - b
history - b
math - c
yearbook - f
yes, i failed yearbook. don't even ask why. anywayyy, other than that nothing has really happened.

friday i think it was i found out i didnt make a team for JOs. i was pretty upset, not that i didnt make a team because honestly i could have cared less, but because i was the only kid from spaulding who didnt make a team. i found it extremely pathetic how they put all the bad players on one court, what was i going to do when i got over there? play well? i dont think so, how am i supposed to do good when everyone else sucks. having the coaches do that is very poor judgement on their part, i dont plan on stepping foot into one of the JO tryouts ever again. i'm not trying to sound like a sore loser, but i found it pathetic how once put on the crappy court there was NO WAY to show any talent AT ALL. i was so frustrated looking at the kids on the middle court and KNOWING i was better than a lot of them, but had absolutely no way to show it. i was so confident the first tryout and by the second one i knew there was no way. i hadnt heard any good things about the organization but i excused it and tried out anyway, now im realizing every single person who told me it was all political crap is 100% right. every single person who told me that they made the teams before we even stepped onto the court is 110% right. im extremely dissapointed because i thought this would be a good experience and all it's done is make me look like an idiot.

saturday i went to the mall. i got a sweater from AE and some earrings from macys. then my mom and i went out to eat at olive garden, 80 minute wait turned out to be only 45 minutes. came home around 830. i had a wonderful latte from the new chocolate store at the mall, it was goood i was on a caffiene high haha.

today i slept in, helped my mom make dinner and did hours of yardwork. yeah fall is pretty, but then the leaves fall on the ground and you have to pick them up and i hate hate hate it. i probably raked a couple THOUSANDDD leaves. blah.

uhhh that's it, comment if you wish. don't leave ones about volleyball that say 'you suck anyway' or something stupid because im really not in the mood.

[13 Nov 2005|03:52pm]

so thursday i didnt do anything.

friday i didnt do anything during the day, but then shaundas parents, shaunda, carlie, jill and i went to the UNH volleyball game.  it was fun, shaunda made fun of me practically the whole time.  oh well she thinks her brothers hot and thats kindaa sketchy if i do say so myself.  UNH lost, we told Zips we wanted her to be our coach at team camp next year cause shes fabbb.  then i came home and went to bed.

saturday i woke up at 8 and got ready for volleyball tryouts.  i was pretty sure they would go fine cause i was really confident from last week and thought i had done well.  so we got into small groups of like 6 or more.  tianna was in my group and i was like okay so this should be good.  so we start doing these drills, some of the girls in our group were okay some werent.  then she made us split up into two groups of three and i wasnt with tianna but the girls i was with were descent.  thennn we all came back and they had us do like some game called monkey, tianna and i got stuck with a not so great girl and we were getting so frustrated.  then we did hitting lines and no one set it high enough for me so the balls would fly out of the court and i was getting so angry, thennn they split us into groups to scrimmage and it was so unbelieveably obvious how they did it, the good players were on the first, other good players on the second court and the not so great ones on the third.  guess where i was !  the third court, you have no idea how upset and angry i was.  then i played like shit because no one else could play and i looked terrible and now im highly doubting that i'm even going to make a team.  FUCKING WONDERFULLLLL i love my life.

then i came home and was in a terrible mood, watched garden state and took a nap.  then got ready, picked up molly and went to kris' dads house to celebrate her 16th bday.  henri was theree and he gave me a hug cause i havn't seen him since 8th grade.  it was fun, i love hanging out with those kids.  i dont know what time we ended up going to bed, but kris and i slept in her room on the floor, jodie molly and henri slept in the living room.  i just got home around 330.

school tomorrow, not looking forward to it.  gonna have makeup tests and homeworkk plus report cards.  ahhhh then bball is starting if i dont make a vb teammm.  i hatehatehate basketball. 


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[08 Nov 2005|08:46pm]
so monday school was uhhhhhhh bad. a block was fine, b block was fine then right before lunch i started feeling REALLY sick. now by really sick i mean like even more sick then i felt last time i was sick a month ago or so. it was so bad, after lunch i went to the nurse. she took my temp and everything but didn't give me anything to take which i thought was weird. so i just laid down in the rest of math cause i felt so sick, it was the type of sick where you cant do anything you cant even sit there and do nothing cause its so uncomfterble. so i felt wicked hot and everything and at the beginning of d block molly was trying to tell me something but i couldnt sit down and listen to her i felt so sick so i asked mrs. ridley if i could go to the nurse and she let me. so i went back down and i felt really stupid for going to the nurse twice in one day but i felt so sick and wanted to take something. so i went in and had the same nurse and she went to take my temp again. i put it under my tongue and gagged and then coughed and i was like okkkkk so then i put it back in and i immediately threw up. i puked my brains out and i was so embarrased to be doing it in the nurses office, not even in the bathroom but in her trash right next to her desk cause i didnt even know it was coming and i probably would have done it in the hall if i hadn't done it in the garbage. so then i went and got my stuff and came back down and waited for my mom to get here. it was kind of pointless i only left school a half hour early. but i came home and puked two more times....didnt go to school today and puked again.

I NEED TO GET BETTER BY FRIDAYYY because friday is the UNH game that a bunch of us are going to, saturday is kris' bday party and then sunday is volleyball tryouts again. i hate being sick :(
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[06 Nov 2005|02:36pm]

so i havn't updated for a week.

i cant remember anything that has happened at the beginning of the week.

thursday got on the bus at 3 and headed to pinkerton for the semi-final game.  it was awesome, they played salem.  it was really close.  spaulding won the first, they won the second, the spaulding won the next two.  i was so nervous for them.  so they were all hyped cause they were going to the finals !  we stayed for the first two games of exeter vs concord.  exeter won the first concord the second, we later found out concord won which surprised us all.

friday school was okay.  had a sub a block so listened to the radiooooo with my mp3 playaa instead.  then the usual boring stuff.  after school i came home and just hung outtt.  my mom and dad tried to talk to my neighbor about the treehouse but she wouldn't have it.  she went up one side of my mom and down the other telling my mom that my dad is awful and brady is awful and all that.  because well my dad told brady to rake the leaves and dump them on the bitches lawn, so brady did and when she came out and said something to brady i guess he gave her attitude, but who wouldn't?  shes a stupid bitch.  so my mom was so upset about it that she started crying, i found out im a perfect child :D.  then i went up in the tree turned the radio loudddddd and started singing and banging on the railings with a brume.  then my dad came up and we were calling her cancer cause shes evilllll.  it was funnnnay stuff.  then molly came over and when we were on the way to the football game she was still outside so my dad beeped the horn and i waved.

the football game was lame.  i accidently pushed carlie into nicole spurling and made her spill hot cocoa all over her white clothes, i felt super bad.  but i love nicole shes so nice she didnt even mind that much.  shes a sweeetie.  so molly and i hung out with jocey baby, sam doggy dog and mandy.  it was fun.  but then it started raining kinda and it was cold so we left.  we got followed by this scary man whos house sam was supposed to go over after the game but their family is a douche bag so she told him no she wasnt going.  it was funny but i heard he touches girls that sleepover there and there was no way in helllllll we were gonna let her go over there.  then we came home and molly slept over.  i was wicked tired.

saturdayyy molly and i just chilled, watching house of 1000 corpses that movie is so fucked.  she left and i got ready for the FINALSSSSS GAMMEEE.  got on the bus and headed out to pinkerton.  watched the game before usss and saw a boy who looked EXACTLY like sean, it was pretty weird actually.  then spaulding got onnnn.  it was AWESOME the fans were amazing we were so much loder than those gayyy concord fans.  i guess you could say we made some simple mistakes that shouldn't have happened, the ref kind of sucked but it wasn't all his fault.  even though id like to explain to him what a carry is.  spaulding won the first two and then lost the next three.  it was really upsetting, i felt so bad.  they all played amazing i mean seriously they went after everything but i guess it just wasnt in our favor.  then we headed home and i got home around midnight.

this morning i was up bright and early for JO tryoutssss !  there were so many outsides.  i didnt really see much competition which i was shocked at.  i had some KILLLLLAAAA hits and my serves weree saweeet but im not 100% sure if the coaches agree.

school tomorrrrrrow.  thumbs downn, im so tired its not even funny i just need a day of sleeping.     




[31 Oct 2005|03:12pm]

so this weekend was incredibly eventful.

friday night after sitting around the house till about 7, molly calls and tells me that sam and i can sleepover her house.  so sam and wendi pick me up and then pick molly up and wendi dropped us off at slims to eat dinnner.  my dad picked us up from slims at around 9.  we went to mollys house, cleaned her room because it was narsty and then went right to bed cause we were pooped.  woke up the next morning and went home aroundddd 3?

saturday night i went to the volleyball game, spaulding beat portsmouth 3-0 incredible.  they played great and portsmouth sucked so suck that one portsmouth.  i sat with the lovely ms. mayoooo the whole time.  then after i went to kris' house.  molly and sam were already there.  we ate food watched amityville horror, put the longest yard in but didnt watch it we talked instead, put grind in but didnt watch it we talked instead (butt also looked at the incredibly HOTTT boys in it) then put the day after tomorrow in andd we all fell asleep during it and id wake up in the middle of the night and the menu would be playing the same thing over and over again.  then i woke up around 845 and got dressed at 9 then my dad picked me up and he dropped me off at destinys house then her boyfriend brought us to aroma joes.  i went in gibbs car with debbie and tyler.  we lost the first and second game.  the second game was total bullll cause the reffs sucked but oh well.  then we headed home, this time i road with mrs. peabody, destiny and mike.

when i got home i jumped in the shower and got ready.  trick or treaters started coming around 6.  cody abbot came over for my brother then jaymie metayor.  then the whole wheeler family showed up.  i called molly and told her to come over so she did.  then the footes came overrrr.  molly and i were on the computer most of the time.  OMGGG my neighbor was across the street dressed up as mike myers and i looked across and thought it was just a staute but then it started moving then the jason music started playing on my stereo and i FREAKED THE FUCK OUTTT ahahahahaha it was sooo scaryyy!!!!!

a lot of fun times this weekend, but i didnt feel like going into detail.

junior olympic tryouts for volleyball this saturrday and playoffs for basketball.  hopefully hanging out with darcy saturday nightt and going to the only football game i can go to friday :)


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[25 Oct 2005|10:06pm]

so monday after school cupcake, alicia, meagan and cassie came over.  we started to watch miracle buttt no one would shut up so we stopped watching it.  so we just talked..then went up in my room and attempted to play volleyball (HAHA) if you've ever been in my room you would know i have a rather low cieling.  sooo cassie pretty much killed one of my lights, coooool yaAa?  then when we got to the highschool we followed cassie and her boyfriend who ISSNT ALLOWED ON SCHOOL GROUNDSSS AND WEARS SOOOO MUCH BLACK HE BLENDED IN WITH THE PINESSS and she got really angry.  had pretty much the worse practice ever.  carlie is amazingg and a backstabber at THE SAME TIMEEEEE.  then i started calling her another name which is withheld, haha.  thennn everyone came to my house after and we had a team dinner.  it was fun i guess.  julie and danielle came aswell.

today school wass okkkay.  i was almost late but then i wasnt.  rainy weather makes me sadddd, nothing exciting happened.  im working on a project in history with josh perkins, cause mr colello is amazing and made it so the groups are two people and vage and tiff are together and josh and i didnt have partners so ya.  after school went to subway with cupcake and shaunda.  felt super sickkk.  started the tournament, beat winnacunnet, PCA, and oysta rivaaaa.  yeah sonn.  then we lost to nute, we came in third eehhh its alright but not as good as i wanted.

this weekend should be a blast and a half?  i believe i am hanging out with carlie friday, then saturday molly and sam are sleeping overrr while the rest of my fam goes to the wheelers house then sunday i have bball then i guess the wheelers are coming over and hopefully ill have some friends aswell...yaaaa... 


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[22 Oct 2005|03:38pm]

Leave me an anonymous comment pouring your heart out. Say anything. Tell me your stories, your secrets, those things no one ever asks but you wish to tell. Tell me abut your love, your hate, your indifference, your joy. Tell me about what's inside of you when you're reading through these entries on your friends list, and tell me why you continue to come back here. Tell me how much you hate me. How much you love me. Tell me anything.

Post anonymously. Speak honestly, because there isn't any censor here. Post as many times as you like. One faceless wonder to another.

Pass it on.


won our last game vs. salem.  finished up the season 15-1.  pretty good if you ask me.  i flipped out on cassie and literally yelled at her.  haha it was great.  its good to get stuff off of my chest.  tournament tuesday.  watching miracle and team dinner at my house monday, hopefully we do well tuesday.

it was so great.  i loved yelling at cassie, not because i wanted to be a bitch, but because she truley deserved it.  heres the story, the JV team got on the bus and no coaches were there yet. so we were singing gold digger and we were like NOW I AINT SAYING SHES A GOLD DIGGA BUT SHE AINT MESSIN WITH NO BROKE BROKE and we didnt say n*gga.  but cassie decides to.  so we all asked her nicely not to and we were like wow are you racist and she goes no and im like i hate racist people and shes like well then you hate me i was like you just said you werent racist and she goes uhhh and i was like yaaa try and dig yourself outta that hole, but then she started saying n*gga n*gga n*gga and i was like cassie please stop and respect us because we don't want to hear that.  so she kept saying it and i was like cassie its 7 against 1 so shut up.  and she kept doing it so i was like wow i deffinitely hate people who do that.  and she goes i dont care and she says it over and over and i was like CASSIE YOU OBVIOUSLY DON'T CARE ABOUT ANYTHING, WE KNOW THIS ALREADY SO YOU CAN STOP REPEATING YOURSELF.  then she was like well you guys already dont like me so ill do whatever i want and i was like yeah thats a great plan get us more mad at  you i think ill try that out sometime.  by this point everyone had to turn around in their seat cause they were laughing.  there was more of it but i cant really remember.  but then she said something about how this was a volleyball fieldtrip and i was like SHOULD WE PACK A BAGGED LUNCH NEXT TIME!? it was so funny ahaha i love it.

hopefully we don't have to take the treehouse down because i'll be sad :(


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[18 Oct 2005|09:12pm]

so the end of this month is going to be a blasttttttt !

tomorrow im ordering my prettttty class ringgg!! yayaya its gonna have a rose on one side for my middle name then vb/bball on the other side.  yayay supa dupa.  too bad it costs like 400 bucks.

tomorrow we have a home game vs. manchester, its going to be a easy game im guessing all the manchester teams are stinky.

friday we have an away game, our last away game till next yearrrr :(   vs. salem  wish i could hang out with kelbo after but shes sick, so get better kelbo!

saturday hockey gameeee if there is one with steph and jess (BECAUSE JESSSSICAAAA AND I ARE NOW FRIENDSSSSS AGAINNNN!!!!) then maybe steph will sleepover if she wants to for old time sake cause i miss hanging out and talking everydayyy

monday after school the vb team is coming over and we're gonna watch MIRACLE my favorite movieeee then going to practice then coming backkkk to my house for a team dinner.

tuesday is the tournament.  hopefully we win, last year we came in second.

friday is mike bullis' party where i will be accompanying carlie mayo aka cupcake becauseeeee for reasons i cannot say MUAHAHAH hahahah

saturday is either sams halloween party!! orrrr im having hill, shaunda, carlie, tianna and breeee over and we're sleeping in a tent, oh mann.

then monday is halloween!  but i think rochester does it the day before or something so either way trick or treating will be wonderful.  i want to go somewhere that isnt my neighborhood because its boring.

eeeepppp so many fun things i cannot wait :)

at the moment i am watching myself serve on the local access channel, yaaaa game point and it goes out of bounds and my mom (even though she knows what happens) yells from the other room THAT SUCKED hahahahah yaaa it did

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[16 Oct 2005|09:45pm]
so lets see.

thursday school was boring, except for d block which i left and walked around trying to sell ads for the yearbook with krystle. we went to over 6 places and NO ONE bought an ad. everyone said COME BACK LATER, michael charles was a straight out no, slims was pretty nice and we got a card from hair excitement but other than that everyone said 'the manager isnt here right now can you come back later?' after school i went to krystles hosue for a little, then volleyball practice. where im 100% sure george had a team meeting and it was directed towards me. which makes me mad, because during practice he said 'kaila whipe that disgusted look off your face and go for the ball' when i start at the endline and have to run up to the net, not the ten foot line but the net because cassie is a fucking douche bag and doesnt toss it where its supposed to be i get yelled at for it. then george has the meeting and goes 'not every pass is going to be perfect so theres no need to make faces or complain' EXCUSE ME!?!?!?!?!!?!? lets fucking see, cassie walks out on practice, why? because shaunda wasn't serving the ball directly towards her because my god moving an inch just may hurt her knee when on the bus to our games shes jumping up and down and acting like its fine. i dont understand he tells hill and i once shes off the team, tells the whole team once shes off the team and then tells us she isnt playing in a game because she wasnt there to help clean up. and guess what, she is still on the team and she played the whole second game that night. im so sick of this seriously, volleyball is supposed to be fun i do it because i love it and if hes going to ruin that for me it makes me so angry. i got in the car and literally started crying i was so mad at him, im S I C K O F I T !!!!

friday school was pretty boring. in french we went over some worksheets and finished off the packet. in history we did worksheets on the constitution. in math we did math like always. in yearbook i gave mrs. ridley the papers from when i went ad selling anddd then went around the school taking yearbook posters off the walls.
after school i came home and did nothing i don't think. its been raining and when im by myself it makes me depressed. went to the game, didnt start SOOOOO much for having top 6 start aye? played second game i guess i did alright i missed the first backrow hit and a few bad passes but other than that i believe i did fine. we lost the second game though and played a third. i played the third ONLY because carlie was upset about something, which i understand but i wanted her in and im positive george did aswell. i hit the ball too hard when i served on game point for us, oh well i guess we still won.
then after varsity games i went to carlies MANSION of a house with angela and shannon. we sat in her kitchen talking and eating food for SO long its not even funny. i practically started crying what we were talking about was so funny. we went in one of her mannny living rooms, shannon fell asleep on the couch angela, carlie and i laid on the floor and talked. then we went in another living room where shannon fell asleep on the couch and us 3 went on the computer then eventually we went up in carlies room, listened to music talked and went to bed around 2. woke up around 1030 hahaha had reeses and skittles for breakfast, finally got out of her room atound 1230. went downstairs made breakfasttt well actually carlie and angela did haha. then watched sleepover and what women want in yet another one of carlies living rooms. i suck at making mac and cheese and carlie forgets to put water in brownie mixxxx jeez louezz. we were going to go extreme bowling but then we said the movies but then we never ended up doing anything so i stayed in my pjs all day. it was really fun and we deffinitely need to do it again :)!!!!

sunday i woke up around 1130, i had plans to wake up early and go to the mall with my mom but we were both super tired. so we ended up leaving here around 2. got to portland around 3. we won our first game and lost our second. the refs sucked so much asssss its not even funny. i fell on my face while trying to trip their pointguard, super ya? haha then my motha and i went to olive garden for dinner. there were some reallllly hottt kids sitting near us that looked like hockey players, so when i got in the car i popped in miracle and watched it :) i love that movie, i could watch it over and over and over again.

school tomorrow, thumbs down. i hate when parents get involved in fights. your daughter goes around telling people i smoke and drink all the time when she has never hung out with me. i've never asked her to hang out, and i never would. so that part was totally ridiculous and made me laugh. but if she goes around saying that then peoples parents wont let them hang out with me, i dont care if when your mom went on your screen name i didnt show respect because personally you have to give respect to get it in return and i wasnt getting any. plus, anyone who actually knows me knows i don't smoke pot and never have in my life.

its a possibility that my family and i mayyy go to hawaii this summer for like two months because bradys friend moved there anddd idk i guess he wants to go? probably to surfffff yaaa we'll see.
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[12 Oct 2005|09:38pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

SOOOO IM WICKED FRREAKJING HYPERR.  today was alrighttttt !  woke up around 640.  straightened my hurrrr then got dressedand headed to school, made it in french righttt when the bell rang because im amazingggg.  french was kinda boring, we did one worksheeet that i did FABBB on if i do say so myself.  thenn history was alrightt.  i have a 88 in that classs, booyaaa girlfriend.   uhhh we just took a test and did some work on the constitution.  math class we had a sub, anddd im 100% sure he hated me.  i have no idea why but he was all mean and stuff.  lunch was goood, i sold like 6 yearbooks.  then back to math and it was pretty boring.  yearbook was boring too, i just talked with mollay the whole time.  chris is realllllly cool and runs around clicking his heels, what a awesome senior haha. 

after school carlie, shaunda and i got a ride from carlies mom to subway.  got subs and headed back to the school.  shaunda boughttt carlie and erica a ballon for their bdays so i had to sneak them inside and put them in colsons without carlie knowing.  hehe.  then we got on the bus and headed to memorial.  we won andddd i don't really want to get into the game because it'll make me extremely depressed, hahh ya.  varsity won aswell.  on the ride home ALLLLLL of us, well pretty much all of us were calling cassie privet caller AHAHAHAH funniest thing evaaa.   i left a message and she was like IT SOUNDS LIKE KAILLLAAAA and i was like no its not me so dont blame me for thinks i didnt do kthanx.  julie got a laugh out of that one haha.  thennn i chatted with nicole labatte and danielle billings at mcdonalds jeeez nicole how can you forget about that fourwheelerrr?!  so then we got on the busss and i kept calling cassie private caller and mary houle came over and joined uss and we all just talked the whole way homee.  then nicole gave me a ride home.

my parents are at the courthouse, tonight is the night they decide if we can keep our treehouse :( bastard neighbors. 


PARTAYY at carlies this weekend yayyaaya.  hill, shaunda and meeee :)

ohhh anddd you special peopleee, my motha is letting me have that party we were talking about, we're gonna sleep in a tent so uhh bring lots of blankets mmk!  hahahah



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[10 Oct 2005|07:14pm]

so sunday was good i guess.  woke up around 930 because brady is extremely cool and decides to play music on the computer wickeddd loud wicked early in the morning so i wake up to gay songs like 'sugar we're going down' and that sort of stufff.  i pretty much hung out around the house the whole day.  around 1 i got ready for basketball.  drove to cumbies, met the team there and headed to portland.  the first game we won, the team was alright.  they only had 5 people and had just played a game so we had quite an advantage.  then my mom and i went to homegoods, i stayed in the car and watched miracle.  i decided that is one of my favorite movies, im not sure why since im not in love with hockey or anything but the movie is pretty goood.  went to the second game, we lost.  they were wicked rough and butchy.  one of them looked like her spray tan had messed up (HAH).  then we headed home, i watched the rest of miracle on the way home.  got home took a shower then had dinner.  yesturday was my dads bday, but we arent celebrating till tonight.

i went to bed last night around 1.  i had a sweatshirt, socks and fleece pjs on.  i was freeeeezing.  i woke up around noon, haha.  got ready and headed to dover so my parents could go to a lawyer about something.  brady and i stayed in the car and watched MIRACLEEEEE.  i sent brady out to buy us dunkin donuts and i got a hot chocolatee :).  so then we just hung out in the carrr until my mom came back.  then we headed to the mall.  brady and i went one way and my mom went another.  soo we went into AE and since i dont really shop there anymore, and since i dont shop at pretty much any of the stores at the mall i picked clothes out for bradeeen.  haha yeahh, he got a sweatshirt that i picked out, props to mee.  thennnnn ohmygosh we went into abercrombie and iwas soooooo close to getting a hoodie there but then i was like wooow snap back to reality that store is lammee. haha so i didnt get it.  so i ended up getting one pair of earrings at american eagle that i really like.  so then we went to the doctors in durham for a check up appointment.  thennn we went to kittery andd my mom went shopping some more.  brady and i played name that tune, where i palyed songs from my Cds and he had to guess what it was.  somehow he gets dashboard and death cab mixed uppp woowzzzaaa.  then we came home anddd thats pretty much it :)

school tomorrow :(  that sucksss so bad.     

ohh and just so you all know, when theres that little phone next to my screen name, if you IM it i will talk back to youuu because my phone is super like that :)  


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[08 Oct 2005|10:41pm]

uhh lets see

wednesday we won the game against concord.  matt is mine carlie, not yours so back off my grillll.  i adore my french buddd even if he makes fun of the grades i get haha.  varsity lost, unfortunately.  they had won the first two games then couldn't bring themselfs to win another so concord won the next 3.  quite depressing.

thursday i don't remember what happened.

friday school was boring.  the pep rally was okay, since im the only sophmore on the team i didnt want to go over to the soph/senior bleachers by myself so i sat with the freshmen and wellllll their pretty annoying.  and yes, im a sophmore and you know whatt i can say your annoying regardless to the fact that im only one year older than you.  so juniors ended up winning spirit week, wtf mate?  SENIORS ARE SUPPOSED TO WIN.  whats up with that?  after the pep rally we went and got ready for the vb game.  left the school around 230 and headed to nashua.  we had to play 3 games, we ended up winning.  varsity did aswell.  so we headed home and got back intime to go to the football game.

at the football game carlie, shaunda and i walked around aimelesly.  julie was going to kick the cunts ass and hanna was going to bitch at her, but unfortunately she left to early.  carlie walked by matt and was like 'wheres your bitch' ahhh funniest thing i ever heard when he replyed with 'shut the fuck up seriously' hahahah nice nice, but its only something you can expect from someone who calls me a douche bag behind my back.  BALLS MY ASS.  so talked with some people i hadn't seen in awhile.  moosey AKA tianna moooooore, kelbo, jacie, indiraa and all those good people. 
poor nichol got punched in the face.  katie hill will be hearing from me in math class tuesday, stupid bitch.  i find it so funny how she can go around saying shes gonna beat people up when shes a fucking cripple.  wicked sweet.  spaulding ended up winning, yeah you got that right.  they won, i cannot believe it.

today i went to bradys hockey game, their were so many fights haha it was quite entertaining.  i dont see why the fight in hockey at this age, i mean wow you punch him in the face yeah guess whats in the way  a helmet.  hahahah sorry.  came home and slept for awhile, was supposed to sleep at destinys tonight but thats not gonna happen. i just got back from my cousins hockey game, they beat rochesta 3-2.  i sat with kimmmm for awhile, and my aunt, uncle and dad for a portion of it aswell.  their team was pretty good i guess.  i dont really know the difference between a good and bad team becauseee i dont really follow hockey.  but there are some hawties on his teamm daymmmm.

tomorrow i have a basketball tournament, then hopefully monday im hanging out with carlie and mike jeffrey :)             


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[05 Oct 2005|03:03pm]

hmm lets seeee
sunday i woke up around 930 and got ready for basketball.  ended up getting there at 1030 which is when it started.  i get along with everyone on the team except for like one person, but whatever.  it was a good practice, basketball is basketball.  that was our only practice, now its games every sunday for the rest of my life it seems.  bball season lasts forevaaaa.  i really don't want to play highschool bball because idk i just dont.  then i came home and hung out around the house. 

monday was boring.  i don't really remember anything that happened.  oh well.  volleyball practice was boring, we do like two things the whole time.  that night sean called and we talked for like an hour on the phoneeee.  i was really super happy :)

tuesday school was boring.  i had a sign in C block so i just stayed in all the lunches.  C2 i had to help chelsea with the yearbook sales, C3 i sat with jenny/kristen/alicia and then sat with carlie.  C4 i sat with sam.  then i came home after school and carlie picked me up around 4 and we headed to the RMS game.  kim, leah and jen are my favoritesss so we cheered for them.  then my mom picked us up and we headed over to our practice.  i was kind of having an off night, really hyper but my serves were wicked harddd it was pretty cool.  after practice everyone came over my house for a team dinner.  we went up in the treehouse firsttt and then went inside and ate food, worked on our shirts and had cake.  the last people left at like 10.  i took a shower and went to bed i was super tired.

today i got a 90 and a 55 in french.  mr. collello said that my drawing about the articles of confederation was gooood.  math i took a test that took a freakin hour and then yearbook we counted favorites.

tonight is the home game vs concord.  its gonna be a good one SO GOOOOO unless you're stupid.  JV @ 6 varsity @ 7.


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[01 Oct 2005|11:16pm]

soooo i never ended up going to school thursday.

instead i hung out at home all day.  my mom came home from work early around 3.  i got ready and we went to the emergency room.  we got there and had to stay for about 3 hours just waiting.  then when we got in the room they had to do all the normal stuff thennn they had to draw blood!  yessssss i love getting poked with needles!!! NOTTT!!!!!!!!.  the lady did it in my left arm, i usually have it done in my right so it hurt quite bad.  it wouldn't stop bleeding either, and she put tape on it wtf who puts tape on it?  aren't you supposed to put a bandaide?  thats what usually happens.  so then we ended up heading home around 830.  5 and a half hours in the freakin ER.  amazing.  the only way you get treated immediately there is if you're freakin dying. 

so friday i woke up at 9 and had to drink 36 ounces of water.  holy crap, do you have any idea how hard it is to get an ultrasound when your bladder is full.  the lady was like:
'are you sexually active'
- no
'is there a chance you may be pregnant'
okkkay if im not sexually active how can i be pregnant?  so then i came home and went to school at 12.  then after school i went to the volleyball game and played the second game.  we won.  i was deffinitely feeling better.  we caught a teammate smoking and george says she off the team.  soo who knows.  we went to pizza hut for dinner.  sayla, carlie, meagan and i sat together.  it was so fun, sayla was teaching us swear words in indonesian.  we were yelling them throughout the restuarant haha because only supit and sayla knew what we were saying.  i deffinitely feel better then i did a couple days ago.

so no hanging out with kelbo and the ladies tonight :( 

so today shaunda picked me up around 130.  we went to the rochester walmart to look for red shirts and no luck.  so then we went to kmart and jc penny and olympia..no luck there either..then we went to the walmart in somersworth.  no red shirts there either.  so we ended up getting white ones.  we also got red letters, jewels and fabric paint.  so then we went to shaundas house and started to work on our shirts.  they dropped me off about 30 minutes ago around 1015.  it was really fun shaunda is funny and her mom is really nice.  it was a blast and a halllfff.  our shirts came out AWESOME. 

oh and i cannot wait untillll we have a partayyy.  shaunda, hill, mayo, bre, tianna and myself.  haha that is if bre and tianna want to come they'll probably see this and be like wtf?  but yeahh talk to hillary about it ;).


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[28 Sep 2005|07:35pm]

+ sign in for mista savoie..sat with bre and ape
- going from a 91.7 in history to a 78 because we had one test and i got a 70 on it.
- yearbook deadlines are a pain in the rear
+- volleyball practice was okay.  we did like two things the whole time..
-- that show prison break IS REALLY SAD
- felt sick to my stomach

- stayed home because i was sick
+ watched movies all day
----- can't go to volleyball or team dinner because i stayed home
---- home game tomorrow which means i probably wont start.

- stayed home yet again
- did nothing
----------------- couldn't play in my volleyball game
-------- carlie just called me and told me we lost :(:(:(  so much for a undefeated record aye?


JV team dinner at my house next tuesday after practiceeee :) i also don't understand why you people come to our game when no one on the team likes you? kinda weird aye? i mean its weird when everyone in the locker room is like 'why is so and so here, no one is even friends with them' hahahaha i find it humerous.


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[24 Sep 2005|11:24pm]

so not a lot has happened since my last update a week ago.

+ testing with molly and nichol is always fun. 
- getting behind in math because of it
+ beat winnacunnet making us 6 - 0
++ i played all 3 games
+ served ten in a row third game
+ mr savoie is funny
+ having a 91.7 in my history class is ace
+ having it thunder and lightening for the first time everr while i was in school
+ beating up carlie at volleyball is always fun.
+ beating exeter, courtneys team making us 7 - 0.
-- varsity losing to exeter
- was playing with duncan my dog and was rolling over to him logroll style and slammed my head on the side of my couch.  that = minor concussion for kaila.
+ mcdonalds with sam and molly is always fun, especially when people you dont know laugh at us because we rag on eachother constantly. 
+ watching band practice with mike, bry and liz is entertaining
+ beat portsmouth making us 8 - 0.  i served pretty well, but only played the first game :/.  hil set me backrow sometimes and they went over, happy about that. 
-- varsity losing to portsmouth
- pretty much broke my moms wrist playing volleyball with her

tonight mollys sleeping over and we're going to the fair.  my camera is fixed KNOCK ON WOOD so ill take lots of pictures!

tonight - molly came over around 730.  we got ready to go to the fair.  we ended up leaving around 845?  got there around 9 and didnt want to pay to go in so we walked around and i was like 'lets climb over a fence'  and molly was like 'no not infront of all these people'  and i was likeee 'ive never been so serious in my life'  so we keep walking, then we see these kids going in through this gap inbetween the gates, so we walk by and mollys wicked GAYYYYYYYY and said 'i dont want to do it when people are there' so we kept walking and then more people came and they stayed there so we just stood there for like 10 minutes.  then we finally went it.  so we went in and bought some fooooood ate it and then bought some tickets.  we went on the thunderbolt and it made me sad because the hot guy wasnt working it.  molly and i both felt like we were going to throw up hahahaha.  then we just walked around and listened to the mean clown.  he said to molly 'what are you laughing at emo girl' hahahaha  then we left.

we walked down lafayette st. and we walk by this fat guy and tall skinny guy and i got butterflys in my tummy because i thought the fat one was gonna grab my purse.  but they asked us what was going on and molly was like nothing.  so then this car drives by and these kids are staring at us and i say NOT LOUD AT ALL 'don't make it obvious'  then they drive by again and are staring at us and molly goes LOUDDLLYYY 'dont make it obvious'  so they stuck their heads out the window and looked at us.  then pulled into a driveway, waited for a little then started pulling out.  so molly and i boooooked it down this street or driveway or whatever and hid there.  she like pushed me in the bushes so they wouldnt see us hahahaha.  then we walked up and they started going by again REALLY SLOOOW playing EVERY THUG NEEDS A LADY and molly booked it down the driveway yet again but i hid behind a bush infront of a house.  it was THE FUNNIEST/SCARIEST thing that has ever happened to me, i even almost peed my pants.  then we met my dad and went home.

what a greattt night~!



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[18 Sep 2005|09:12pm]

friday was amazinggg.  just kidding.  french class was okkay, savoie is really nice and understanding but sarcastic at the same time hahah.  history was pretty stupid, mr. costello was in such a bad mood for no reason at all.  i kicked veronica in the side and then leaned back in my chair while veronica was like owwww and mr costello yelled at us.  we werent even loud.  whateverrr.  tiffany got a b on the paper that veronica and i copied her with and vage and i got cs.  wtf is up with that?  then math was okay, i hate missing that class because then i get so behind with work and everything.  yearbook is so fun.  it was wicked boring but the people in it are hillarious.  molly and i think chris is soo hotttttt and its so funny when caitlin makes fun of him.  molly and i did superlative counts the whole timeeee, but its good because we didnt have to do a project when everyone else did SCOOORE :).

after school i came home and hung out.  then around 5 i left for my vb game.  the first game i played in, we won.  my serves went overrr and i got sets and i passed pretty well and it was probably my best game yet.  the second game george didnt start me, but i went in for mayo when she had gonethrough one rotation.  got my serves over.  by the time i came in we were losing so bad it sucked.  so we lost that one.  then we had to play a third.  i played, we won and i was exstatic.  i was really glad we won cause i didnt want to put a damper on our undefeated record now 5-0.  watched the varsity game, they also won.  hung out with mattttt because he rocks and his hair is awesome. 

today i woke up around 11.  i never ended up coaching the little kids, my parents let me take the day off.  i just hung out around the house till around 2, then i went to bradys hockey game.  i talked with jenn billings and kim roy for pretty much the whole time, their cool kidsss.  bradys team won.  then we sat around for awhile and talked with santana, kayla and their parents.  came home and did nothing.  then ended up going to the fair with molly.  we just walked around for awhile and ate food, then we bought some tickets with 20 bucks and went on one ride the thunder bolt where a hot kid was working and i think he had an accent.  then we went on another rideeee and when i went by this kid i was like ' YOUR HOTTTTT' and he goes 'what?'  and then he was like 'thanks!' hahahaha it was so funny.  gotta love the carneys.  but he was really hott.  so we went on the ride again and im not even kidding, everytime we went around he was staring and smiling at us. hahahahaha.  at one point this fat kid behind us grabbed the hot guys cotton candy right out of his hands when we were going around.  it was so funny.  then we walked around some more, found mollys mom at bingoooo and went home.

i sawww nicole labatte, nicole poisson, caitlin cosgrove who when going to see the worlds smallest women was like "COME SEE THE WORLDS SMALLEST WOMEN", mary hoyt, kelbo, amiee viel, meaghan, jenn houle, nickk, and kendraa.  on the way out i bumped into nick, i put my arm around his shoulder kidding around so he did the same thing, then he moved down my back and i was like 'nickk uhh no' and walked away hahaha.  talking to random people in the car is fun yaaaa.!

the fair is such a waste of money, my parents gave me 40 bucks and i spent it all. pathetic.

today was boring, i cleaned my house and did laundry.

home game vs. winnacunnet tomorrow at 6, GOOOO!!!!

comments por favor?


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[15 Sep 2005|03:23pm]

soooo saturday was superduper fun!  around 330 indira and haydee picked me up to go to the movies.  we went to see the exorcism of emily rose!  haydee and i jumped so many times it isnt even funny, but i actually liked the movie quite a bit.  but now im afraid ill wake up at 3 am and smell something burning.  so i slept with my light on last night :P.  but anywayyy some of the jumpy parts were funny too i guess, what makes it so scary is that its a true story.  so after the movie, indira picked us up and we headed back to their house.  it was time for POKKEERRRR NIGHHTTT with some cool kids.  it was haydee, indira, devin (sp), courtney, barbara, chelsey (sp), tracy, shaunda and myself.  i hope i didnt forget anyone.  so the only people i knew were shaunda and barbara and i had already met courtney before.  but it was kind of akward and i bet shaunda felt the same way :P.  so we just kind of hung out for awhile, listened to music, tried to play poker and went looking for their little sister because she was MIA.  then some creepy guys started following some of us and they came up to the house and started talking to us and one of them mooned uss it was gross.  so then we just hung out and took tons of pictures and it was pretty fun.  i missed haydee and indira soo muchh.  then around 10 everyone started leaving.  haydee deleted all the pictures cause shes silly, but we found them in the trashbinnn.  thennn shaunda brought me home and i pretty much went right to bed.


sunday my family and i went hiking.  i hate hiking with a fiery passion, but i guess it wasnt that bad.  once we got to the top i realized it was deffinitely worth the hike up.  my parents had bought me brand new hiking boots and they were too small but i still had to wear them and now i have a gigantic blister on the side of my foot.  then we went grocery shopping, brady is a nice boy and helped a old man when he wanted a can of peaches too bad another can almost fell on the old mans head and i drove homee :).


monday school was boring.  practice after school.  tuesday school was boring, practice after school.  cassie wwas giving me attitude so i was like 'wow you dont need to give me attitude'  so she goes 'i wasnt giving you attitude'  iwas like 'see you do it and you dont even know it it'  and shes so stupid she pulls the whole 'i think id know myself better than you'  so i was like 'i guess noottt'  then after loosing all the points for our 3 person team alicia, cassie and myself because cassie didnt go for a ball she yelled infront of everyone KAILA DONT GET PIST when i was just asking alicia how many points we had.  i CANT HANDLE THISSS.


wednesday was boring.  but it was early release.  so meaghan proulx and i walked to mcdonalds, got a mcflurry then took a walk through the piness.  it was pretty fun haha.  then we got ready for our away game vs. keene.  we won and i actually did well.  george told me last friday that since i barely played id play both games wed.  but i only played the first.  so yeah im pretty ticked about that.  i didnt go to school today because i was sick.  but im going to practice tonight because we have a game vs. nashua tomorrow.


im so pumped for summer next year.  i have so many things i want to do cause ill have my license and things will be easyy livin'.  i want to go camping with sam and molly, i want to go to the beach sooo many times and i want to go to drive in movies.  im also very pumped for the fair, unfortunately we have a volleyball game friday night which is the first night of the fair :(.  that makes me super sad since thats the night everyone goes..  oh welllll id rather play a vb game than look at people who make me sick


thats it for nowww and my new favorite song is cast no shadow by oasis.  fabb fo' sho


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[10 Sep 2005|11:57am]
if you read all this and comment ill give you a cookie.

thursday was pretty boring? im just goingto assume that because i can't remember anything that happened.

friday was a fun day/night! french is wicked easy. i thought that it was going to be hard but it really isnt. well so far that is. im so bad with languages other than english, like when i took spanish in 7th grade it was sooo terrible. but i really like french, mr savoie is really nice and tells jokes that you just can't help but laugh at. even though i sit next to the window and its freeezing its still fun.

history was so funny. tiffany saks who im not friends with but sit next to her because we have assigned seats was like 'did you know bodily fluids are good for your teeth?' and veronica DOO DOO DOO goes 'like piss?' it was seriously the funniest thing i'd heard in a loooooong time. i laughed so hard.

math was boring like always. a kid fell asleep sitting up, it was pretty funny we were all laughing at him :P. krystle was back from being suspended after punching meaghan in the face hahahah. too funny.

yearbook was better today. since molly and i are talking againn. we kinda winged the whole selling ads thing when we had to do it infront of mrs. ridley.

thenn the bus for our vb game left at 230. so we all got ready. they ate all my peanut butter cookies :P. so we just talked about some random stuffff hehe for like the whole ride. we got there and started warming up. lets just say i was in a terrible mood the whole night. i played in the beginning and did two tomahawks. one was playable cause shaunda got it over but the other one wasn't. so george took me out and doesnt put me in the rest of the first game. then he says he'll put me in the second so the second game comes around and im sitting on the bench the whole time. you know when your so mad you could cry? thats what happened to me. i felt dehydrated but i was like that cant be right i drank like 3 waters a half hour ago and then i strained my back after my serve at the beginning of the game so i was like super! but i didnt want to tell george that. so then there was more drahma and all that stupid stuff. i was in a really bad mood. but once i got on the bus i was in a better mood i guess. hillary zabkar is stupiddd!!!!!!!! hehehe jkkk hillary. your mom goes to college.

this morning i woke up and had to teach little kids to play soccer for another 2 hours. it was okay their cute. i put them into teams and i snagged two shirts for meee :). then brady my dad and i went out for breakfast. i told brady if he was a girl he'd make a good cheerleader, he freaked out on me took his water and dumped it on my lap. the whole thing. so im sitting there SOAKING WET. it was awesome. then we went yardsaleing.

tonight is going to be a blast!! going to see the exorcism of emily rose with some cooool kidss and then poker night at haydee and indiras!!!! i cannot waittttT!!!
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